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Best Quality since 1988

Know-how, high quality standards and innovative competencies are the pre requisites for us for more than 25 years to fulfil the customer’s needs. We have received since then numerous certificates which strengthen our conviction to produce the best quality.



The factory is being upgraded with state of the art equipment and has also substantially increased the capacity in the past years:

  • low pulp clarifier centrifuge in order to add low pulp juice concentrates to the product range
  • local cold store

The full-fledged workforce is another factor to ensure that the factory has constantly produced concentrates of high quality.

The following photos will provide you more insights of the production in combination with the company video:

Fruit Sorting & Grading

Fruit sorting & grading

Fruit Juice Extraction By JBT Foodtech

Fruit juice extraction by JBT Foodtech

State of the Art Evaporator

State of the art evaporator

State of the Art Low Pulp Clarifier Centrifuge

State of the art low pulp clarifier centrifuge

Frozen Drums in the Cold Store

Frozen drums in the cold store

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